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We’ve curated our NewME expert network to include some of the most sought-after entrepreneurs, investors, and business-minds so that you can learn from real experiences and avoid mistakes. Take advantage of Live Q&A, group sessions and our customized business playbooks to guide you through all those ”If I could just ask someone” moments. 

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Its given me an opportunity to not only figure out what I’m going to do about my business and make necessary changes, but also I was able to learn from everyone in the group. I was able to feed off their energy. I have a renewed spirit and energy about what I’m doing.

Dionna Keels, stemmed

Being able to take back what I've learned...and know that’s part of your consistent mentality from this point on, you can’t look at things the same. You can’t look at your business the same. You can’t look at your grind the same.

Demetrius Curry, CollegeEase

Being in a collaborative space where you can talk through your ideas, learn new things and share new ideas - it’s just been phenomenal.

TJ Halsey, LegalLinc